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My work as Spiritualist Medium

The mission of a medium is to bring messages from our loved ones who passed in to the spirit world. Those who work as Medium can not predict the future or give people prophecies. The medium is just a vessel, a channel used by the spirits to communicate to us. My education, my work as Medium comes from the English school of Spiritualism SNU, Arthur Findlay College - Stansted Essex, United Kingdom. I am very proud to be an SNU MemberOn this Website you will find more information about me and my activity. 
For more details about Mediumship please visit my Main Info-website   www.afterdeath.co.uk
"There is no death, we just change dimension";  Sincerly,
Tommy Medium


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Tommy medium

my story, my life

At the age of 20 I was a young man who was only interested in sports cars and social events with friends. One night I was awakened by a strange presence in the room. At first I thought they were thieves, a burglary; but suddenly I heard clearly a voice: "it's dad"; it was my father who died when I was five years old. I heard his voice clearly, it was real; I was awake, not dreaming and moreover that day was my father's birthday, was it a coincidence? Hard to believe what had happened to me, so I put everything in a drawer inside me for years. Only years later I did realize that this event was just the beginning of my journey in Mediumship. Subsequently over the years other episodes of this kind (appearances of spirits during the night) have happened but I did not speak to anyone. It happened to be woken up in sleep and see spirits next to me with my own eyes. People who smiled at me very kindly. These images disappeared after a few moments. The whole thing scared me and fascinated me at the same time. I did not understand the reason of that and everything seemed unrealistic. One day by chance I witnessed a Channeling demonstration. For no reason the medium turned to me and gave me a personal message of incredible precision. From here the development of my mediumship began. Today I work as a medium in evidential mediumship, Trance healing and psychic.
I was very lucky to meet and have the opportunity to attend physical mediumship Séances with some of the best physical mediums in the world, such as David Thompson, Scott Milligan and Carol Ellis. Experiences that cannot be described in words. Live the experience of how the walls that divide the two worlds can be opened for a moment. It was an incredible experience! Just imagine how you might feel in being able to see them and be physically touched by spirits...
I regularly attend workshops and seminars throughout the year in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, where I live.  I am also proud to be a member of SNU  (Spiritualists National Union) in the


*) Tommy-Medium is the art-name I have chosen to protect my privacy.

My Education

My Tutors 2012 => 2024 and beyond:

  • Stella Upton (2012)
  • Colin Bates (2013)  
  • Sandie Baker, Matthew Smith (2014)
  • Scott Milligan, Eileen Davies (2015)
  • Stony Stockwell, Simone Key (2016)
  • David Thompson (2016)
  • Lynn Probert, Tony Stockwell (2017)
  • Chris Drew, Nicole De Haas (2018)
  • Val Williams (2019)
  • Paul Jacobs - One year Mentorship Wolverhampton/Birmingham (UK) Feb- Dec 2019
  • Carol Ellis (2020)
  • Judith Seaman & Norma Bingley (2021) 
  • Jacqui McGleish (since 2022 - ...)